2CPB - 2 flutes Ball End Mills for Composite  

Endmills for CFRP, GFRP, glass/carbon fiber, nonferrous
and non-metallic materials.
Outstanding performance in machining of various composite materials.
Excellent wear resistance by applying high hardness coating layer.
Minimize built up edge by low friction diamond coating technology.
Part Number Diameter DLength of cut L1Overall length LShank dia d Price
MTI-2CPB.005.010.S04 0.25R X 0.51504 ask a quote
MTI-2CPB.006.012.S04 0.3R X 0.61.2504 ask a quote
MTI-2CPB.008.020.S04 0.4R X 0.82504 ask a quote
MTI-2CPB.010.025.S04 0.5R X 12.5504 ask a quote
MTI-2CPB.015.040.S04 0.75R X 1.54504 ask a quote
MTI-2CPB.020.050.S04 1R X 25504 ask a quote
MTI-2CPB.025.060.S04 1.25R X 2.56504 ask a quote
MTI-2CPB.030.080.S06 1.5R X 38606 ask a quote
MTI-2CPB.040.080.S06 2R X 48706 ask a quote
MTI-2CPB.050.100.S06 2.5R X 510806 ask a quote
MTI-2CPB.060.120.080 3R X 612806 ask a quote
MTI-2CPB.060.120.110 3R X 6121106 ask a quote
MTI-2CPB.080.140.080 4R X 814808 ask a quote
MTI-2CPB.080.140.110 4R X 8141108 ask a quote
MTI-2CPB.100.180.080 5R X 10188010 ask a quote
MTI-2CPB.100.180.110 5R X 101811010 ask a quote
MTI-2CPB.120.220.080 6R X 12228012 ask a quote
MTI-2CPB.120.220.110 6R X 122211012 ask a quote