2DTMC - 2 Flutes Multi-functional Coated Thread Mill for Non-ferrous Metal  

Coated Thread Mill for Aluminum, Aluminum alloy, non-ferrous and non-metalic materials
2DTM tool performs both drilling, threading and chamfering in one tool operation.
Drill and thread mill with one tool.
Maximum thread length : 2xDo and 2.5xDo (thread diameter)
Recommended for non-ferrous materials
Part Number Drill diaCutter diaMax C SinkThreadPitch PLength of cut L1Effective length L2Overall length LShank length L2Shank dia dCoolant Price
MTI-2DTMC.025.067S0.6M3 2.52.453.4 M3 0.56.7365060.4 ask a quote
MTI-2DTMC.025.082S0.6M3 2.52.453.4 M3 0.58.2365060.4 ask a quote
MTI-2DTMC.033.087S0.6M4 M4 0.78.7365060.6 ask a quote
MTI-2DTMC.033.108S0.6M4 M4 0.710.8365060.6 ask a quote
MTI-2DTMC.042.109S0.6M5 4.245.5 M5 0.810.9365560.7 ask a quote
MTI-2DTMC.042.140S0.6M5 4.245.5 M5 0.814365560.7 ask a quote
MTI-2DTMC.050.137S0.8M6 54.756.6 M6 113.7366081 ask a quote
MTI-2DTMC.050.167S0.8M6 54.756.6 M6 116.7366081 ask a quote
MTI-2DTMC.068.184S1.0M8 6.86.359 M8 1.2518.44075101.2 ask a quote
MTI-2DTMC.068.221S1.0M8 6.86.359 M8 1.2522.14075101.2 ask a quote
MTI-2DTMC.085.222S12.M10 8.57.9511 M10 1.522.24580121.5 ask a quote
MTI-2DTMC.085.267S12.M10 8.57.9511 M10 1.526.74580121.5 ask a quote
MTI-2DTMC.102.255S14.M12 10.29.9513.5 M12 1.7525.54590141.5 ask a quote
MTI-2DTMC.102.308S14.M12 10.29.9513.5 M12 1.7530.84590141.5 ask a quote
MTI-2DTMC.120.312S16.M14 1211.215.5 M14 231.248100161.5 ask a quote
MTI-2DTMC.120.392S16.M14 1211.215.5 M14 239.248100161.5 ask a quote
MTI-2DTMC.140.355S18.M16 1413.217.5 M16 235.548100181.5 ask a quote
MTI-2DTMC.140.455S18.M16 1413.217.5 M16 245.548100181.5 ask a quote
MTI-2DTMC.033.087S06.M4C M4 0.78.7365060.6yes ask a quote
MTI-2DTMC.033.108S06.M4C M4 0.710.8365060.6yes ask a quote
MTI-2DTMC.042.109S06.M5C 4.245.5 M5 0.810.9365560.7yes ask a quote
MTI-2DTMC.042.140S06.M5C 4.245.5 M5 0.814365560.7yes ask a quote
Part Number Drill diaCutter diaMax C SinkThreadPitch PLength of cut L1Effective length L2Overall length LShank length L2Shank dia dCoolant Price
MTI-2DTMC.050.137S08.M6C 54.756.6 M6 113.7366081yes ask a quote
MTI-2DTMC.050.167S08.M6C 54.756.6 M6 116.7366081yes ask a quote
MTI-2DTMC.068.184S10.M8C 6.86.359 M8 1.2518.44075101.2yes ask a quote
MTI-2DTMC.068.221S10.M8C 6.86.359 M8 1.2522.14075101.2yes ask a quote
MTI-2DTMC.085.222S12M.10C 8.57.9511 M10 1.522.24580121.5yes ask a quote
MTI-2DTMC.085.267S12M.10C 8.57.9511 M10 1.526.74580121.5yes ask a quote
MTI-2DTMC.102.255S14M.12C 10.29.9513.5 M12 1.7525.54590141.5yes ask a quote
MTI-2DTMC.102.308S14M.12C 10.29.9513.5 M12 1.7530.84590141.5yes ask a quote
MTI-2DTMC.120.312S16M.14C 1211.215.5 M14 231.248100161.5yes ask a quote
MTI-2DTMC.120.392S16M.14C 1211.215.5 M14 239.248100161.5yes ask a quote
MTI-2DTMC.140.355S18M.16C 1413.217.5 M16 235.548100181.5yes ask a quote
MTI-2DTMC.140.455S18M.16C 1413.217.5 M16 245.548100181.5yes ask a quote