2GEM - 2 Flutes Long Shank End Mills for Graphite HRc ~50  

Endmill for various work materials, graphite, hardened
steel, pre-hardened steel, tool steel and cast iron.
Excellent performance with low cutting force by ALTIN coating.
Long flute length optimized for deep-side wall machining of graphite.
Applied ultra fine WC grade optimized for various alloy steels
applications, below HRc48.
Part Number Diameter DLength of cut L1Effective length L2Overall length LShank dia d Price
MTI-2GEM.005.020.S04 0.52-504 ask a quote
MTI-2GEM.010.050.S04 15-604 ask a quote
MTI-2GEM.010.100.S04 1510604 ask a quote
MTI-2GEM.010.100.S06 1510606 ask a quote
MTI-2GEM.010.150.S04 1515604 ask a quote
MTI-2GEM.010.200.S04 1520604 ask a quote
MTI-2GEM.010.250.S04 1525704 ask a quote
MTI-2GEM.015.100.S04 1.510-604 ask a quote
MTI-2GEM.015.150.S04 1.5815604 ask a quote
MTI-2GEM.015.200.S04 1.5820604 ask a quote
MTI-2GEM.015.200.S06 1.5820606 ask a quote
MTI-2GEM.015.250.S04 1.5825704 ask a quote
MTI-2GEM.020.100.S04 210-604 ask a quote
MTI-2GEM.020.150.S04 21015604 ask a quote
MTI-2GEM.020.200.S04 21020604 ask a quote
MTI-2GEM.020.200.S06 21020606 ask a quote
MTI-2GEM.020.250.S04 21025704 ask a quote
MTI-2GEM.020.300.S04 21030804 ask a quote
MTI-2GEM.030.150.S04 315-704 ask a quote
MTI-2GEM.030.250.S04 31525754 ask a quote
MTI-2GEM.030.300.S06 31530756 ask a quote
MTI-2GEM.040.200.100 420-1004 ask a quote
Part Number Diameter DLength of cut L1Effective length L2Overall length LShank dia d Price
MTI-2GEM.040.400.S06 420401006 ask a quote
MTI-2GEM.050.250.100 525-1005 ask a quote
MTI-2GEM.060.300.110 630-1106 ask a quote
MTI-2GEM.060.300.150 630-1506 ask a quote
MTI-2GEM.080.400.150 840-1508 ask a quote
MTI-2GEM.100.450.150 1045-15010 ask a quote
MTI-2GEM.100.500.200 1050-20010 ask a quote
MTI-2GEM.120.600.150 1260-15012 ask a quote
MTI-2GEM.120.600.200 1260-20012 ask a quote
MTI-2GEM.160.600.130 1660-13016 ask a quote
MTI-2GEM.160.700.160 1670-16016 ask a quote
MTI-2GEM.160.700.200 1670-20016 ask a quote
MTI-2GEM.200.1200.320 20120-32020 ask a quote
MTI-2GEM.200.800.160 2080-16020 ask a quote
MTI-2GEM.200.900.200 2090-20020 ask a quote