2JJSP - 2 Flutes Ball End Mills for 3D cut 230 TISIN-S Coating HRc 52~68  

Endmills for pre-hardened and hardened steel(HRc52~70)
Good wear resistance by high quality Si-based PVD coating.
230 degree ball shape for wide range 3D machining.
Minimize chattering and fracturing by taper and straight designed flute.
Outstanding performance at high speed machining by ultra fine
(0.2 ) WC grade.
Part Number Diameter DDiameter neck D1AngleLength of cut L1Effective length L2Overall length LShank dia dType AB Price
MTI-2JJSP.010.013.200 0.5R X 1 0.91 1.0°0.720806B ask a quote
MTI-2JJSP.010.040.S06 0.5R X 1 0.910.74606A ask a quote
MTI-2JJSP.010.060.S06 0.5R X 1 0.910.76606A ask a quote
MTI-2JJSP.015.013.200 0.75R X 1.5 1.36 1.0°120806B ask a quote
MTI-2JJSP.015.060.S06 0.75R X 1.5 1.3616606A ask a quote
MTI-2JJSP.015.080.S06 0.75R X 1.5 1.3618606A ask a quote
MTI-2JJSP.020.013.200 1R X 2 1.8 1.0°1.420806B ask a quote
MTI-2JJSP.020.060.S06 1R X 2 1.81.46606A ask a quote
MTI-2JJSP.020.100.S06 1R X 2 1.81.410606A ask a quote
MTI-2JJSP.030.013.300 1.5R X 3 2.7 1.0°2.130806B ask a quote
MTI-2JJSP.030.100.S06 1.5R X 3 2.72.110706A ask a quote
MTI-2JJSP.030.150.S06 1.5R X 3 2.72.115706A ask a quote
MTI-2JJSP.040.030.250 2R X 4 3.62.825806B ask a quote
MTI-2JJSP.040.120.S06 2R X 4 3.62.812706A ask a quote
MTI-2JJSP.040.200.S06 2R X 4 3.62.820706A ask a quote
MTI-2JJSP.050.010.400 2.5R X 5 4.53.540906B ask a quote
MTI-2JJSP.060.010.210 3R X 6 5.44.2211006B ask a quote
MTI-2JJSP.060.150.S06 3R X 6 5.44.215906A ask a quote
MTI-2JJSP.060.300.S06 3R X 6 5.44.230906A ask a quote
MTI-2JJSP.080.010.280 4R X 8 7.25.7281008B ask a quote
MTI-2JJSP.100.010.350 5R X 10 97.13511010B ask a quote
MTI-2JJSP.120.010.420 6R X 12 10.88.54212012B ask a quote