3ALC - 3 flutes 45deg Helix Corner Radius  

Endmills for Aluminum, AL alloy, non-ferrous and
non-metallic materials.
Applied ultra fine WC grade(0.2 ) for excellent surface finish.
Minimize built up edge by double edge and deep pocket design.
High speed, feed applicable by 3 flute 45 degree helix and
short flute design.
Outstanding performance at high
speed machining by ultra fine (0.2 )
WC grade.
Part Number Diameter DLength of cut L1Effective length L2Overall length LShank dia d Price
MTI-3ALC.060.005.050 6 X R0.515-506 ask a quote
MTI-3ALC.060.005.070 6 X R0.5720706 ask a quote
MTI-3ALC.060.010.050 6 X R115-506 ask a quote
MTI-3ALC.060.010.070 6 X R1720706 ask a quote
MTI-3ALC.080.005.060 8 X R0.520-608 ask a quote
MTI-3ALC.080.005.080 8 X R0.5925808 ask a quote
MTI-3ALC.080.010.060 8 X R120-608 ask a quote
MTI-3ALC.080.010.080 8 X R1925808 ask a quote
MTI-3ALC.080.020.060 8 X R220-608 ask a quote
MTI-3ALC.080.020.080 8 X R2925808 ask a quote
MTI-3ALC.080.025.080 8 X R2.5925808 ask a quote
MTI-3ALC.100.005.070 10*R0.525-7010 ask a quote
MTI-3ALC.100.005.100 10*R0.5113010010 ask a quote
MTI-3ALC.100.010.070 10 X R125-7010 ask a quote
MTI-3ALC.100.010.100 10 X R1113010010 ask a quote
MTI-3ALC.100.015.070 10 X R1.525-7010 ask a quote
MTI-3ALC.100.015.100 10 X R1.5113010010 ask a quote
MTI-3ALC.100.020.070 10 X R225-7010 ask a quote
MTI-3ALC.100.020.100 10 X R2113010010 ask a quote
MTI-3ALC.100.025.100 10 X R2.5113010010 ask a quote
MTI-3ALC.120.005.075 12*R0.530-7512 ask a quote
MTI-3ALC.120.005.110 12*R0.5133611012 ask a quote
Part Number Diameter DLength of cut L1Effective length L2Overall length LShank dia d Price
MTI-3ALC.120.010.075 12 X R130-7512 ask a quote
MTI-3ALC.120.010.110 12 X R1133611012 ask a quote
MTI-3ALC.120.015.110 12 X R1.5133611012 ask a quote
MTI-3ALC.120.020.075 12 X R230-7512 ask a quote
MTI-3ALC.120.020.110 12 X R2133611012 ask a quote
MTI-3ALC.120.025.110 12 X R2.5133611012 ask a quote
MTI-3ALC.120.030.075 12 X R330-7512 ask a quote
MTI-3ALC.120.030.110 12 X R3133611012 ask a quote
MTI-3ALC.120.040.075 12 X R430-7512 ask a quote
MTI-3ALC.120.040.110 12 X R4133611012 ask a quote
MTI-3ALC.160.005.130 16*R0.5175013016 ask a quote
MTI-3ALC.160.010.090 16 X R135-9016 ask a quote
MTI-3ALC.160.010.130 16 X R1175013016 ask a quote
MTI-3ALC.160.020.090 16 X R235-9016 ask a quote
MTI-3ALC.160.020.130 16 X R2175013016 ask a quote
MTI-3ALC.160.025.130 16 X R2.5175013016 ask a quote
MTI-3ALC.160.030.090 16 X R335-9016 ask a quote
MTI-3ALC.160.030.130 16 X R3175013016 ask a quote
MTI-3ALC.160.040.090 16 X R435-9016 ask a quote
MTI-3ALC.160.040.130 16 X R4175013016 ask a quote
MTI-3ALC.160.050.090 16 X R535-9016 ask a quote
MTI-3ALC.200.010.150 20*R1216015020 ask a quote
MTI-3ALC.200.020.150 20 X R2216015020 ask a quote
MTI-3ALC.200.025.150 20 X R2.5216015020 ask a quote
MTI-3ALC.200.030.150 20 X R3216015020 ask a quote
MTI-3ALC.200.040.150 20 X R4216015020 ask a quote