3DRE - 3 Flutes 45deg Helix DLC Coated Rib  

Endmills for Aluminum, Aluminum alloy, copper,
copper alloy, CFRP, glass/carbon fiber, nonferrous and
non-metallic materials.
Tetrabond TAC coating provides excellent work surface finish by
high hardness and low friction.
High speed, feed applicable by 3 flute 45 degree helix and deep
chip pocket design.
Part Number Diameter DLength of cut L1Overall length LShank dia d Price
MTI-3DRE.010.030.S04 13504 ask a quote
MTI-3DRE.015.045.S04 1.54.5504 ask a quote
MTI-3DRE.020.060.S04 26504 ask a quote
MTI-3DRE.025.075.S04 2.57.5504 ask a quote
MTI-3DRE.030.090.S06 39606 ask a quote
MTI-3DRE.040.120.S06 412606 ask a quote
MTI-3DRE.050.150.S06 515706 ask a quote
MTI-3DRE.060.180.S06 618706 ask a quote
MTI-3DRE.080.240.S08 824808 ask a quote
MTI-3DRE.100.300.S10 10309010 ask a quote
MTI-3DRE.120.360.S12 123610012 ask a quote