4BSTMA - 4 Flutes Pipe Taper Thread Mill for Aluminum with Thru-Coolant HRc ~50  

Thread Mill for Aluminum, Aluminum alloy, non-ferrous and non-metalic materials.
Effective coolant supply is possible through the inner holes.
Remove the fusion of chips by supplying cutting oil directly to the cutting area.
We do not recommend using a ER Chuck.
Part Number Diameter DThreadPitch PTeethGuide HoleLength of cut L1Overall length LShank dia d Price
MTI-4BSTMA.059.103.S06 5.9 1/16-28C BSP 28 10 6.710.3606 ask a quote
MTI-4BSTMA.076.5103.S08 7.65 1/8-28C BSPT 28 10 8.710.3608 ask a quote
MTI-4BSTMA.099.152.S10 9.9 1/4-19C BSPT 19 10 11.815.27010 ask a quote
MTI-4BSTMA.111.5152.S12 11.15 3/8-19C BSPT 19 10 15.215.27012 ask a quote
MTI-4BSTMA.142.5224.S16 14.25 1/2(3/4)-14C 14 10 1922.49016 ask a quote