4DBE - 4 Flutes Diamond Coated Ball for Graphite  

Endmills for Graphite, reinforced plastic, carbon fiber,
Non-ferrous and non-metallic materials.
Excellent wear resistance by applying qualified CVD diamond coating.
Wide range products prepared for various work shape and excellent
Part Number Diameter DLength of cut L1Effective length L2Overall length LShank dia d Price
MTI-4DBE.010.030.S04 0.5R X 13-604 ask a quote
MTI-4DBE.010.050.S04 0.5R X 135604 ask a quote
MTI-4DBE.010.100.S04 0.5R X 1310604 ask a quote
MTI-4DBE.010.150.S04 0.5R X 1315604 ask a quote
MTI-4DBE.010.200.S04 0.5R X 1320604 ask a quote
MTI-4DBE.010.250.S04 0.5R X 1325604 ask a quote
MTI-4DBE.010.300.S04 0.3R X 1330804 ask a quote
MTI-4DBE.010.350.S04 0.3R X 1335804 ask a quote
MTI-4DBE.010.400.S04 0.3R X 1340804 ask a quote
MTI-4DBE.010.450.S04 0.3R X 1345804 ask a quote
MTI-4DBE.010.500.S04 0.3R X 1350804 ask a quote
MTI-4DBE.015.045.S04 0.75R X 1.54.5-604 ask a quote
MTI-4DBE.015.100.S04 0.75R X 1.54.510604 ask a quote
MTI-4DBE.015.150.S04 0.75R X 1.54.515604 ask a quote
MTI-4DBE.015.200.S04 0.75R X 1.54.520604 ask a quote
MTI-4DBE.015.250.S04 0.75R X 1.54.525604 ask a quote
MTI-4DBE.015.300.S04 0.75R X 1.54.530804 ask a quote
MTI-4DBE.015.350.S04 0.75R X 1.54.535804 ask a quote
MTI-4DBE.015.400.S04 0.75R X 1.54.540804 ask a quote
MTI-4DBE.015.450.S04 0.75R X 1.54.545804 ask a quote
MTI-4DBE.015.500.S04 0.75R X 1.54.550804 ask a quote
MTI-4DBE.020.060.S04 1R X 26-604 ask a quote
Part Number Diameter DLength of cut L1Effective length L2Overall length LShank dia d Price
MTI-4DBE.020.100.S04 1R X 2610804 ask a quote
MTI-4DBE.020.200.S04 1R X 2620804 ask a quote
MTI-4DBE.020.300.S04 1R X 2630804 ask a quote
MTI-4DBE.020.400.S04 1R X 2640804 ask a quote
MTI-4DBE.020.500.S04 1R X 26501004 ask a quote
MTI-4DBE.020.600.S04 1R X 26601004 ask a quote
MTI-4DBE.020.700.S04 1R X 26701004 ask a quote
MTI-4DBE.030.080.S04 1.5R X 38-604 ask a quote
MTI-4DBE.030.150.S04 1.5R X 38151004 ask a quote
MTI-4DBE.030.200.S04 1.5R X 38201004 ask a quote
MTI-4DBE.030.300.S04 1.5R X 38301004 ask a quote
MTI-4DBE.030.400.S04 1.5R X 38401004 ask a quote
MTI-4DBE.030.500.S04 1.5R X 38501004 ask a quote
MTI-4DBE.030.600.S04 1.5R X 38601004 ask a quote
MTI-4DBE.030.700.S04 1.5R X 38701004 ask a quote
MTI-4DBE.040.160.060 2R X 416-604 ask a quote
MTI-4DBE.040.160.080 2R X 416-804 ask a quote
MTI-4DBE.040.160.100 2R X 416-1004 ask a quote
MTI-4DBE.040.160.130 2R X 416-1304 ask a quote
MTI-4DBE.060.250.080 3R X 61625806 ask a quote
MTI-4DBE.060.250.110 3R X 616251106 ask a quote
MTI-4DBE.060.300.150 3R X 616301506 ask a quote
MTI-4DBE.080.300.080 4R X 82030808 ask a quote
Part Number Diameter DLength of cut L1Effective length L2Overall length LShank dia d Price
MTI-4DBE.080.300.110 4R X 820301108 ask a quote
MTI-4DBE.080.350.150 4R X 820351508 ask a quote
MTI-4DBE.080.400.200 4R X 820402008 ask a quote
MTI-4DBE.100.350.080 5R X 1022358010 ask a quote
MTI-4DBE.100.350.110 5R X 10223511010 ask a quote
MTI-4DBE.100.400.160 5R X 10224016010 ask a quote
MTI-4DBE.100.500.200 5R X 10225020010 ask a quote
MTI-4DBE.120.500.110 6R X 12255011012 ask a quote
MTI-4DBE.120.500.160 6R X 12255016012 ask a quote
MTI-4DBE.120.600.200 6R X 12256020012 ask a quote