4HSB - 4 Flutes High Speed Short Length Ball End Mills HRc 50~62  

Endmills for pre-hardened and hardened steel(HRc50~62)
Good wear resistance by Si-based PVD coating.
High precise edge tolerance.
Short overall length for easy use with shrinking chuck
Very nice work surface finish.
Outstanding performance at high speed machining by ultra fine
(0.2 ) WC grade.
Part Number Diameter DLength of cut L1Overall length LShank dia d Price
MTI-4HSB.010.012.S04 0.5R X 1 1.2404 ask a quote
MTI-4HSB.012.015.S04 0.6R X 1.2 1.5404 ask a quote
MTI-4HSB.015.018.S04 0.75R X 1.5 1.8404 ask a quote
MTI-4HSB.020.024.S04 1R X 2 2.4404 ask a quote
MTI-4HSB.025.030.S04 1.25R X 2.5 3454 ask a quote
MTI-4HSB.030.036.S06 1.5R X 3 3.6456 ask a quote
MTI-4HSB.040.050.S04 2R X 4 5454 ask a quote
MTI-4HSB.040.050.S06 2R X 4 5456 ask a quote
MTI-4HSB.050.060.S06 2.5R X 5 6506 ask a quote
MTI-4HSB.060.070.060 3R X 6 7606 ask a quote
MTI-4HSB.060.070.S06 3R X 6 7506 ask a quote
MTI-4HSB.080.080.S08 4R X 8 8608 ask a quote
MTI-4HSB.100.100.S10 5R X 10 106010 ask a quote
MTI-4HSB.120.120.S12 6R X 12 127512 ask a quote