4NKTMA - 4 Flutes Helix Nick Type Thread Mill for Aluminum  

Thread Mill for Aluminum, Aluminum alloy,
non-ferrous and non-metalic materials.
High cutting speed and high Feed per tooth are possible.
Maximum thread length : 2xD, 2.5xD, 3xD(thread diameter)
Helical rib type is applied for deeper screw machining.
Reduced machining times for long threads.
We do not recommend using a ER Chuck.
Part Number Diameter DThreadPitch PLength of cut L1Effective length L2Overall length LShank dia dCoolant Price
MTI-4NKTMA.022.060S0.6M3 2.2 M3 0.56-606no ask a quote
MTI-4NKTMA.022.080S0.6M3 2.2 M3 0.58-606no ask a quote
MTI-4NKTMA.024.090S0.4M3 2.4 M3 0.55.479454no ask a quote
MTI-4NKTMA.029.084S0.6M4 2.9 M4 0.78.4-606no ask a quote
MTI-4NKTMA.029.112S0.6M4 2.9 M4 0.711.2-606no ask a quote
MTI-4NKTMA.031.5120S0.4M4 3.15 M4 0.77.6412454no ask a quote
MTI-4NKTMA.038.112S0.6M5 3.8 M5 0.811.2-606no ask a quote
MTI-4NKTMA.038.128S0.6M5 3.8 M5 0.812.8-606no ask a quote
MTI-4NKTMA.039.150S0.4M5 3.9 M5 0.88.7315504no ask a quote
MTI-4NKTMA.045.120S0.6M6 4.5 M6 112-606no ask a quote
MTI-4NKTMA.045.160S0.6M6 4.5 M6 116-606no ask a quote
MTI-4NKTMA.048.180S0.6M6 4.8 M6 110.918606no ask a quote
MTI-4NKTMA.060.175S0.6M8 6 M8 1.2517.5-656no ask a quote
MTI-4NKTMA.060.200S0.6M8 6 M8 1.2520-656no ask a quote
MTI-4NKTMA.065.240S0.8M8 6.5 M8 1.2513.6224658no ask a quote
MTI-4NKTMA.075.210S08.M10 7.5 M10 1.521-758no ask a quote
MTI-4NKTMA.075.270S08.M10 7.5 M10 1.527-758no ask a quote
MTI-4NKTMA.082.300S10.M10 8.2 M10 1.516.34307510no ask a quote
MTI-4NKTMA.095.245S10.M12 9.5 M12 1.7524.5-8010no ask a quote
MTI-4NKTMA.095.315S10.M12 9.5 M12 1.7531.5-8010no ask a quote
MTI-4NKTMA.099.360S10.M12 9.9 M12 1.7519.06368510no ask a quote
MTI-4NKTMA.100.280S10.M14 10 M14 228-8510no ask a quote
Part Number Diameter DThreadPitch PLength of cut L1Effective length L2Overall length LShank dia dCoolant Price
MTI-4NKTMA.100.360S10.M14 10 M14 236-9010no ask a quote
MTI-4NKTMA.116.420S12.M14 11.6 M14 221.75429012no ask a quote
MTI-4NKTMA.120.320S12.M16 12 M16 232-9512no ask a quote
MTI-4NKTMA.120.400S12.M16 12 M16 240-10012no ask a quote
MTI-4NKTMA.136.480S14.M16 13.6 M16 225.754810014no ask a quote
MTI-4NKTMA.140.400S14.M18 14 M18 2.540-9514no ask a quote
MTI-4NKTMA.140.450S14.M18 14 M18 2.545-10514no ask a quote
MTI-4NKTMA.160.400S16.M20 16 M20 2.540-10516no ask a quote
MTI-4NKTMA.160.500S16.M20 16 M20 2.550-11516no ask a quote
MTI-4NKTMA.045.120S06.M6C 4.5 M6 112-606yes ask a quote
MTI-4NKTMA.045.160S06.M6C 4.5 M6 116-606yes ask a quote
MTI-4NKTMA.048.180S06.M6C 4.8 M6 110.918606yes ask a quote
MTI-4NKTMA.060.175S06.M8C 6 M8 1.2517.5-656yes ask a quote
MTI-4NKTMA.060.200S06.M8C 6 M8 1.2520-656yes ask a quote
MTI-4NKTMA.065.240S08.M8C 6.5 M8 1.2513.6224658yes ask a quote
MTI-4NKTMA.075.210S08M.10C 7.5 M10 1.521-758yes ask a quote
MTI-4NKTMA.075.270S08M.10C 7.5 M10 1.527-758yes ask a quote
MTI-4NKTMA.082.300S10M.10C 8.2 M10 1.516.34307510yes ask a quote
MTI-4NKTMA.095.245S10M.12C 9.5 M12 1.7524.5-8010yes ask a quote
MTI-4NKTMA.095.315S10M.12C 9.5 M12 1.7531.5-8010yes ask a quote
MTI-4NKTMA.099.360S10M.12C 9.9 M12 1.7519.06368510yes ask a quote
MTI-4NKTMA.100.280S10M.14C 10 M14 228-8510yes ask a quote
MTI-4NKTMA.100.360S10M.14C 10 M14 236-9010yes ask a quote
Part Number Diameter DThreadPitch PLength of cut L1Effective length L2Overall length LShank dia dCoolant Price
MTI-4NKTMA.116.420S12M.14C 11.6 M14 221.75429012yes ask a quote
MTI-4NKTMA.120.320S12M.16C 12 M16 232-9512yes ask a quote
MTI-4NKTMA.120.400S12M.16C 12 M16 240-10012yes ask a quote
MTI-4NKTMA.136.480S14M.16C 13.6 M16 225.754810014yes ask a quote
MTI-4NKTMA.140.400S14M.18C 14 M18 2.540-9514yes ask a quote
MTI-4NKTMA.140.450S14M.18C 14 M18 2.545-10514yes ask a quote
MTI-4NKTMA.160.400S16M.20C 16 M20 2.540-10516yes ask a quote
MTI-4NKTMA.160.500S16M.20C 16 M20 2.550-11516yes ask a quote