4RCU - 4 Flutes High Speed Radius Cutter HRc 50~  

Cutter for pre-hardened and hardened steel(HRc50~62)
Good wear resistance by Si-based PVD coating.
Designed for low speed with high feed condition.
Suitable for heavy duty and roughing application.
Minimize fracturing at high feed by high TRS fine WC grade.
Part Number Diameter DLength of cut L1Effective length L2Overall length LShank dia d Price
MTI-4RCU.010.002.025 1 X R0.212.5504 ask a quote
MTI-4RCU.015.005.040 1.5 X R0.51.54504 ask a quote
MTI-4RCU.020.005.060 2 X R0.526506 ask a quote
MTI-4RCU.030.005.080 3 X R0.538506 ask a quote
MTI-4RCU.040.005.120 4 X R0.5412606 ask a quote
MTI-4RCU.040.005.160 4 X R0.5416606 ask a quote
MTI-4RCU.040.010.120 4 X R1412606 ask a quote
MTI-4RCU.040.010.160 4 X R1416606 ask a quote
MTI-4RCU.050.005.150 5 X R0.5515606 ask a quote
MTI-4RCU.050.010.150 5 X R1515606 ask a quote
MTI-4RCU.060.003.150 6 X R0.3615606 ask a quote
MTI-4RCU.060.005.150 6 X R0.5615606 ask a quote
MTI-4RCU.060.010.150 6 X R1615606 ask a quote
MTI-4RCU.060.015.150 6 X R1.5615606 ask a quote
MTI-4RCU.080.003.160 8 X R0.3816608 ask a quote
MTI-4RCU.080.005.160 8 X R0.5816608 ask a quote
MTI-4RCU.080.005.200 8 X R0.5820808 ask a quote
MTI-4RCU.080.005.300 8 X R0.58301108 ask a quote
MTI-4RCU.080.010.160 8 X R1816608 ask a quote
MTI-4RCU.080.010.200 8 X R1820808 ask a quote
MTI-4RCU.080.010.300 8 X R18301108 ask a quote
MTI-4RCU.080.020.160 8 X R2816608 ask a quote
Part Number Diameter DLength of cut L1Effective length L2Overall length LShank dia d Price
MTI-4RCU.080.020.200 8 X R2820808 ask a quote
MTI-4RCU.080.020.300 8 X R28301108 ask a quote
MTI-4RCU.100.003.200 10 X R0.310207010 ask a quote
MTI-4RCU.100.005.200 10 X R0.510207010 ask a quote
MTI-4RCU.100.005.250 10 X R0.510259010 ask a quote
MTI-4RCU.100.005.300 10 X R0.5103012010 ask a quote
MTI-4RCU.100.010.200 10 X R110207010 ask a quote
MTI-4RCU.100.010.250 10 X R110259010 ask a quote
MTI-4RCU.100.010.300 10 X R1103012010 ask a quote
MTI-4RCU.100.020.200 10 X R210207010 ask a quote
MTI-4RCU.100.020.250 10 X R210259010 ask a quote
MTI-4RCU.100.020.300 10 X R2103012010 ask a quote
MTI-4RCU.120.005.250 12 X R0.512258012 ask a quote
MTI-4RCU.120.005.300 12 X R0.5123010012 ask a quote
MTI-4RCU.120.005.350 12 X R0.5123513012 ask a quote
MTI-4RCU.120.010.250 12 X R112258012 ask a quote
MTI-4RCU.120.010.300 12 X R1123010012 ask a quote
MTI-4RCU.120.010.350 12 X R1123513012 ask a quote
MTI-4RCU.120.020.250 12 X R212258012 ask a quote
MTI-4RCU.120.020.300 12 X R2123010012 ask a quote
MTI-4RCU.120.020.350 12 X R2123513012 ask a quote
MTI-4RCU.120.030.250 12 X R312258012 ask a quote
MTI-4RCU.160.010.300 16 X R1163011016 ask a quote
MTI-4RCU.160.010.400 16 X R1164016016 ask a quote
MTI-4RCU.160.020.300 16 X R2163011016 ask a quote
MTI-4RCU.160.020.400 16 X R2164016016 ask a quote