4SUB - 4 Flutes 45deg Helix Ball End Mills  

Endmills for alloy steel, SUS, Ti/Ni base alloy, Inconel
and hard to cut materials.
JCRO coating provides wear resistance improvement as well as
avoid edge stress in various applications.
Excellent work surface finish by 4 flute and deep chip pocket.
Minimize fracturing at high feed by high TRS fine WC grade.
Part Number Diameter DLength of cut L1Overall length LShank dia d Price
MTI-4SUB.010.025.S06 0.5R X 1 2.5506 ask a quote
MTI-4SUB.015.040.S06 0.75R X 1.5 4506 ask a quote
MTI-4SUB.020.060.S06 1R X 2 6506 ask a quote
MTI-4SUB.030.080.S06 1.5R X 3 8606 ask a quote
MTI-4SUB.040.080.S06 2R X 4 8706 ask a quote
MTI-4SUB.050.100.S06 2.5R X 5 10806 ask a quote
MTI-4SUB.060.120.S06 3R X 6 12906 ask a quote
MTI-4SUB.080.140.S08 4R X 8 141008 ask a quote
MTI-4SUB.100.180.S10 5R X 10 1810010 ask a quote
MTI-4SUB.120.220.S12 6R X 12 2211012 ask a quote
MTI-4SUB.160.300.S16 8R X 16 3013016 ask a quote