CICF - Carbide Indexable Cutter for Finishing  

Can be used for both of ball and corner radius inserts.
Suitable for high speed cutting and high precise cutting due to same toughness as solid tools.
Availabe repairing tool holders at JJ TOOLS co., ltd when broken problem.
Availabe stable machining due to minimized vibration on carbide holders.
Part Number D d1L1Overall length L Price
MTI-CICF.100.350.150 101035150 ask a quote
MTI-CICF.120.450.160 121245160 ask a quote
MTI-CICF.160.600.200 161660200 ask a quote
MTI-CICF.160.600.230 161660230 ask a quote
MTI-CICF.200.700.220 202070220 ask a quote
MTI-CICF.250.800.250 252580250 ask a quote
MTI-CICF.250.800.300 252580300 ask a quote