CMA - Carbide Modular Adapter  

Adapter for the spiral modular head (MHE)
Deep cavity milling is available with a variety of effective lengths.
Convenient clamping with the modular head (MHE).
Part Number MD d d1L1Overall length L Price
MTI-CMA.100.240.114 M069.7106.524114 ask a quote
MTI-CMA.120.240.129 M0611126.524129 ask a quote
MTI-CMA.160.300.130 M0814.5168.530130 ask a quote
MTI-CMA.160.300.160 M0814.5168.530160 ask a quote
MTI-CMA.160.300.200 M0814.5168.530200 ask a quote
MTI-CMA.160.300.250 M0814.5168.530250 ask a quote
MTI-CMA.200.500.170 M1018.52010.550170 ask a quote
MTI-CMA.200.500.220 M1018.52010.550220 ask a quote
MTI-CMA.200.500.270 M1018.52010.550270 ask a quote
MTI-CMA.250.650.265 M12232512.565265 ask a quote
MTI-CMA.250.650.315 M12232512.565315 ask a quote
MTI-CMA.300.800.260 M1628321780260 ask a quote
MTI-CMA.300.800.360 M1628321780360 ask a quote