Elmec Carbide Tools was founded in 2011. The company distributes over 17,500 tungsten carbide burs of the highest quality exclusively via our website www.elmec-carbide-tools.com. When choosing tungsten carbide burs, consider factors such as specific machining requirements, the material being machined, desired cutting parameters and budget. At ECT, we can provide you with the latest technology available and the highest quality product at the most competitive price.


Simon Wernli

Chemin du Grand-Praz 6 b
P.O. Box 242
CH- 1012 Lausanne

mobile: +41 79 433 48 63
phone: +41 21 784 16 69
fax: +41 21 784 16 91

email : info@elmec-carbide-tools.com
web : www.elmec-carbide-tools.com

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