EDM SP wire

SP wire has high tensile strength and provides excellent processing precision as the uniformity of the wire diameter allows for high-speed processing.

Low-Cost, High Performance Electrode Wire
SP wire is a low-cost wire electrode for precision processing...

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EDM SumiSpark

SumiSpark wire is electrode wire for Super precision Electric discharge machine. Sp-Zn wire offers a stable electric discharge characterisitics ans high processing speed by the Zinc of outer layer.
SP wire has high tensile strength and excellent straightness the same as SP wire

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Sumitomo Tungsten Wire

Sumitomo Tungsten wire is a strong resistance manufactured by Sumiden Fine Conductors Co., Ltd.

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Specification and Characteristics of SP Wire & SP-Zn Wire

Type Diameter
Tensile strenght

SP Wire

SP03 0.03 +0.000
2.160 ≤ 13≤ 28
SP04 0.04 50
SP05 0.05 78
SP06 0.06 111
SP07 0.07 152
SP08 0.08 198
SP10 0.10 +0.000
1.960≤ 309

SP-Zn Wire

SP-Zn04 0.040 +0.000
2.160≤ 15≤ 50
SP-Zn05 0.050 78
SP-Zn07 0.070 152
SP-Zn10 0.100 +0.000
2.160≤ 50

Length, Dimensions and Packages

Type of Reel Reel Dimensions R/Package
Diameter of Flange
Diameter of Body
Inside width
Overall Length
Diameter of Hole
40.000Type A(P5)16010090114204
30.000Type A(P3)1308090110206
20.000Type A(P3)1308090110206
10.000Type A(P3)1308090110206
5.000Type A(P3)1308090110206
2.000Type B(EDMAS)13060303713ask