1-2CPCDW - 1&2 Flutes PCD Coner Radius Endmills by Wire Processing  

PCD endmills for graphite, aluminum alloys and nonferrous
The edge of the PCD flute enables excellent surface finish and
wear resistance during graphite machining.
An additional polishing process on the edge of flutes to facilitates
the cutting chip emission.
Part Number Diameter DLength of cut L1Effective length L2Overall length LShank dia d Price
MTI-1CPCDW.040.002.100 4 X R0.2 510506 ask a quote
MTI-1CPCDW.040.003.100 4 X R0.3 510506 ask a quote
MTI-2CPCDW.060.003.200 6 X R0.3 620606 ask a quote
MTI-2CPCDW.060.003.250 6 X R0.3 1525606 ask a quote
MTI-2CPCDW.060.005.200 6 X R0.5 620606 ask a quote
MTI-2CPCDW.060.005.250 6 X R0.5 1525606 ask a quote
MTI-2CPCDW.060.010.200 6 X R1 620606 ask a quote
MTI-2CPCDW.060.010.250 6 X R1 1525606 ask a quote
MTI-2CPCDW.080.003.200 8 X R0.3 820608 ask a quote
MTI-2CPCDW.080.003.250 8 X R0.3 1525608 ask a quote
MTI-2CPCDW.080.005.200 8 X R0.5 820608 ask a quote
MTI-2CPCDW.080.005.250 8 X R0.5 1525608 ask a quote
MTI-2CPCDW.080.010.200 8 X R1 820608 ask a quote
MTI-2CPCDW.080.010.250 8 X R1 1525608 ask a quote
MTI-2CPCDW.100.005.250 10 X R0.5 10257010 ask a quote
MTI-2CPCDW.100.005.300 10 X R0.5 15307010 ask a quote
MTI-2CPCDW.100.010.250 10 X R1 10257010 ask a quote
MTI-2CPCDW.100.010.300 10 X R1 15307010 ask a quote
MTI-2CPCDW.120.005.250 12 X R0.5 10258012 ask a quote
MTI-2CPCDW.120.005.300 12 X R0.5 15308012 ask a quote
MTI-2CPCDW.120.010.250 12 X R1 10258012 ask a quote
MTI-2CPCDW.120.010.300 12 X R1 15308012 ask a quote