2MBE - 2 Flutes Ball End Mills  

Endmills for Mild steel, Acryl, A.B.S, Aluminum.
non-ferrous and non-metallic materials.
Minimize chattering by even run-out and tolerance control.
Very nice work surface finish.
Excellent wear resistance by applying fine WC grade.
Part Number Diameter DLength of cut L1Overall length LShank dia d Price
MTI-2MBE.001.002.S03 0.05R X 0.10.2383 ask a quote
MTI-2MBE.0015.003.S03 0.075R X 0.150.3383 ask a quote
MTI-2MBE.002.004.S03 0.1R X 0.20.4383 ask a quote
MTI-2MBE.003.006.S03 0.15R X 0.30.6383 ask a quote
MTI-2MBE.004.008.S03 0.2R X 0.40.8383 ask a quote
MTI-2MBE.005.010.S03 0.25R X 0.51383 ask a quote
MTI-2MBE.006.012.S03 0.3R X 0.61.2383 ask a quote
MTI-2MBE.007.014.S03 0.35R X 0.71.4383 ask a quote
MTI-2MBE.008.016.S03 0.4R X 0 .81.6383 ask a quote
MTI-2MBE.009.018.S03 0.45R X 0.91.8383 ask a quote
MTI-2MBE.010.025.100 0.5R X 12.51006 ask a quote
MTI-2MBE.010.025.S03 0.5R X 12.5503 ask a quote
MTI-2MBE.010.025.S06 0.5R X 12.5506 ask a quote
MTI-2MBE.011.025.S03 0.55R X 1.12.5503 ask a quote
MTI-2MBE.012.030.S03 0.6R X 1.23503 ask a quote
MTI-2MBE.015.040.100 0.75R X 1.541006 ask a quote
MTI-2MBE.015.040.S03 0.75R X 1.54503 ask a quote
MTI-2MBE.020.050.100 1R X 251006 ask a quote
MTI-2MBE.020.050.S03 1R X 25503 ask a quote
MTI-2MBE.020.050.S06 1R X 25506 ask a quote
MTI-2MBE.025.060.100 1.25R X 2.561006 ask a quote
MTI-2MBE.025.060.S03 1.25R X 2.56503 ask a quote
Part Number Diameter DLength of cut L1Overall length LShank dia d Price
MTI-2MBE.030.080.100 1.5R X 381006 ask a quote
MTI-2MBE.030.080.S03 1.5R X 38603 ask a quote
MTI-2MBE.030.080.S06 1.5R X 38606 ask a quote
MTI-2MBE.035.080.S06 1.75R X 3.58656 ask a quote
MTI-2MBE.040.080.120 2R X 481206 ask a quote
MTI-2MBE.040.080.S06 2R X 48656 ask a quote
MTI-2MBE.050.120.S06 2.5R X 512756 ask a quote
MTI-2MBE.060.120.080 3R X 612806 ask a quote
MTI-2MBE.060.120.100 3RX 6121006 ask a quote
MTI-2MBE.080.140.090 4R X 814908 ask a quote
MTI-2MBE.080.140.110 4RX 8141108 ask a quote
MTI-2MBE.100.180.100 5R X 101810010 ask a quote
MTI-2MBE.100.180.120 5RX 101812010 ask a quote
MTI-2MBE.120.220.110 6R X 122211012 ask a quote
MTI-2MBE.120.220.130 6RX 122213012 ask a quote