2STD - Carbide 2 Flutes Step Drill HRc ~50  

Drills for pre-hardened steel, general steel, cast iron and
non-ferrous alloy.
A multi-function drill that allows you to process both drilling and
TISIN-R coating reduces stress on the edge and improves the
surface of roughness of the workpiece.
It can be applied to various of workpieces.
Part Number Diameter DThreadLength of cut L1Effective length L2Overall length L Price
MTI-2STD.034.080.S06 3.4 M482275 ask a quote
MTI-2STD.034.120.S06 3.4 M4122775 ask a quote
MTI-2STD.043.100.S08 4.3 M5102580 ask a quote
MTI-2STD.043.150.S08 4.3 M5153080 ask a quote
MTI-2STD.051.120.S08 5.1 M6123090 ask a quote
MTI-2STD.051.180.S08 5.1 M6183590 ask a quote
MTI-2STD.069.160.S10 6.9 M8164090 ask a quote
MTI-2STD.069.240.S10 6.9 M82445100 ask a quote
MTI-2STD.086.200.S12 8.6 M102045110 ask a quote
MTI-2STD.086.300.S12 8.6 M103055120 ask a quote
MTI-2STD.103.240.S14 10.3 M122450110 ask a quote
MTI-2STD.103.360.S14 10.3 M123660120 ask a quote
MTI-2TBE ask a quote