2TGB - 2 Flutes Taper Neck Ball End Mills for Graphite HRc ~50  

Endmill for various work materials, graphite, non-ferrous
and non-metallic, cast iron.
Excellent performance with low cutting force by ALTIN coating.
Long flute length optimized for deep-side wall machining of graphite.
Applied ultra fine WC grade optimized for various non-ferrous
and non-metallic work materials.
Part Number Diameter DAngleLength of cut L1Effective length L2Overall length LShank dia d Price
MTI-2TGB.010.003.200 0.5R X 1 0.3°420604 ask a quote
MTI-2TGB.010.003.300 0.5R X 1 0.3°430754 ask a quote
MTI-2TGB.010.003.400 0.5R X 1 0.3°440904 ask a quote
MTI-2TGB.010.010.250 0.5R X 1 425604 ask a quote
MTI-2TGB.010.010.350 0.5R X 1 435754 ask a quote
MTI-2TGB.010.010.500 0.5R X 1 4501004 ask a quote
MTI-2TGB.015.003.300 0.75R X 1.5 0.3°630754 ask a quote
MTI-2TGB.015.003.400 0.75R X 1.5 0.3°640804 ask a quote
MTI-2TGB.015.003.500 0.75R X 1.5 0.3°6501004 ask a quote
MTI-2TGB.015.010.300 0.75R X 1.5 630754 ask a quote
MTI-2TGB.015.010.500 0.75R X 1.5 6501004 ask a quote
MTI-2TGB.015.010.600 0.75R X 1.5 6601004 ask a quote
MTI-2TGB.020.003.400 1R X 2 0.3°840904 ask a quote
MTI-2TGB.020.003.500 1R X 2 0.3°8501004 ask a quote
MTI-2TGB.020.003.700 1R X 2 0.3°8701304 ask a quote
MTI-2TGB.020.010.600 1R X 2 8601106 ask a quote
MTI-2TGB.020.010.900 1R X 2 8901506 ask a quote
MTI-2TGB.030.003.700 1.5R X 3 0.3°10701206 ask a quote
MTI-2TGB.030.010.900 1.5R X 3 10901506 ask a quote
MTI-2TGB.040.003.700 2R X 4 0.3°14701206 ask a quote
MTI-2TGB.040.010.800 2R X 4 14801506 ask a quote
MTI-2TGB.050.003.800 2.5R X 5 0.3°16801306 ask a quote
MTI-2TGB.060.0031.000 3R X 6 0.3°161001508 ask a quote
MTI-2TGB.060.0101.000 3R X 6 1610015010 ask a quote
MTI-2TGB.080.0101.000 4R X 8 2010015012 ask a quote
MTI-2TGB.100.010.830 5R X 10 258320012 ask a quote
MTI-2TGB.120.0101.100 6R X 12 3011020016 ask a quote