3FALE - 3 Flutes Mirror Finishing Cutting End Mills for Aluminum  

Endmills for Aluminum, AL alloy, non-ferrous and
non-metallic materials.
By 25-degree helix flute edge design with the after-treatment process,
when milling workpiece, it enables superior mirror surface milling.
Minimize fracturing by high TRS fine(0.5 ) WC grade.
Part Number Diameter DLength of cut L1Overall length LShank dia d Price
MTI-3FALE.060.170.S06 617606 ask a quote
MTI-3FALE.060.220.S06 622656 ask a quote
MTI-3FALE.080.260.S08 826708 ask a quote
MTI-3FALE.080.360.S08 836808 ask a quote
MTI-3FALE.100.310.S10 10318010 ask a quote
MTI-3FALE.100.410.S10 10419010 ask a quote
MTI-3FALE.120.360.S12 12369012 ask a quote
MTI-3FALE.120.460.S12 124610012 ask a quote
MTI-3FALE.160.460.S16 164610016 ask a quote
MTI-3FALE.160.660.S16 166612016 ask a quote