3MBE - 3 flutes Ball End Mills  

Endmills for Mild steel, Acryl, A.B.S, Aluminum,
non-ferrous and non-metallic materials.
Minimize chattering by short flute design.
Very nice work surface finish.
Excellent wear resistance by applying ultra fine WC grade.
Part Number Diameter DLength of cut L1Overall length LShank dia d Price
MTI-3MBE.003.008.S04 0.15R X 0.30.8404 ask a quote
MTI-3MBE.003.012.S04 0.15R X 0.31.2404 ask a quote
MTI-3MBE.004.010.S04 0.2R X 0.41404 ask a quote
MTI-3MBE.004.015.S04 0.2R X 0.41.5404 ask a quote
MTI-3MBE.005.013.S04 0.25R X 0.51.3454 ask a quote
MTI-3MBE.005.020.S04 0.25R X 0.52454 ask a quote
MTI-3MBE.006.015.S04 0.3R X 0.61.5454 ask a quote
MTI-3MBE.006.024.S04 0.3R X 0.62.4454 ask a quote
MTI-3MBE.007.018.S04 0.35R X 0.71.8454 ask a quote
MTI-3MBE.007.028.S04 0.35R X 0.72.8454 ask a quote
MTI-3MBE.008.020.S04 0.4R X 0.82454 ask a quote
MTI-3MBE.008.032.S04 0.4R X 0.83.2454 ask a quote
MTI-3MBE.009.025.S04 0.45R X 0.92.5504 ask a quote
MTI-3MBE.009.036.S04 0.45R X 0.93.6504 ask a quote
MTI-3MBE.010.025.S04 0.5R X 12.5504 ask a quote
MTI-3MBE.010.040.S04 0.5R X 14504 ask a quote
MTI-3MBE.010.060.S04 0.5R X 16604 ask a quote
MTI-3MBE.012.030.S04 0.6R X 1.23504 ask a quote
MTI-3MBE.012.050.S04 0.6R X 1.25504 ask a quote
MTI-3MBE.012.070.S04 0.6R X 1.27604 ask a quote
MTI-3MBE.015.040.S04 0.75R X 1.54504 ask a quote
MTI-3MBE.015.060.S04 0.75R X 1.56504 ask a quote
Part Number Diameter DLength of cut L1Overall length LShank dia d Price
MTI-3MBE.015.090.S04 0.75R X 1.59604 ask a quote
MTI-3MBE.020.050.S04 1R X 25504 ask a quote
MTI-3MBE.020.080.S04 1R X 28504 ask a quote
MTI-3MBE.020.100.S04 1R X 210604 ask a quote
MTI-3MBE.025.060.S04 1.25R X 2.56504 ask a quote
MTI-3MBE.025.100.S04 1.25R X 2.510604 ask a quote
MTI-3MBE.025.150.S04 1.25R X 2.515704 ask a quote
MTI-3MBE.030.080.S04 1.5R X 38504 ask a quote
MTI-3MBE.030.120.S04 1.5R X 312604 ask a quote
MTI-3MBE.030.150.S04 1.5R X 315804 ask a quote
MTI-3MBE.040.100.S04 2R X 410604 ask a quote
MTI-3MBE.040.150.S04 2R X 415804 ask a quote
MTI-3MBE.060.200.S06 3R X 620806 ask a quote
MTI-3MBE.060.300.S06 3R X 6301106 ask a quote