3SUVA - 3 Flutes Variable Helix End Mills for SUS Type A  

For watchmakers we offer only tools made of tungsten carbide with various coatings adapted for the material to be milled.
Titanium, stainless steel, gold copper, brass and steel up to 75 HRC can be milled with outstanding results and cost-efficient solutions
Part Number Diameter DLength of cut L1Overall length LShank dia dType AB Price
MTI-3SUVA.005.00704.0S4 0.5 0.7404TYPE A ask a quote
MTI-3SUVA.006.00804.0S4 0.6 0.8404TYPE A ask a quote
MTI-3SUVA.007.00904.0S4 0.7 0.9404TYPE A ask a quote
MTI-3SUVA.008.01004.0S4 0.8 1404TYPE A ask a quote
MTI-3SUVA.009.01204.0S4 0.9 1.2404TYPE A ask a quote
MTI-3SUVA.010.01304.0S4 1 1.3404TYPE A ask a quote
MTI-3SUVA.011.01404.0S4 1.1 1.4404TYPE A ask a quote
MTI-3SUVA.012.01504.0S4 1.2 1.5404TYPE A ask a quote
MTI-3SUVA.014.01804.0S4 1.4 1.8404TYPE A ask a quote
MTI-3SUVA.016.02004.0S4 1.6 2404TYPE A ask a quote
MTI-3SUVA.018.02304.0S4 1.8 2.3404TYPE A ask a quote
MTI-3SUVA.020.02604.0S4 2 2.6404TYPE A ask a quote