3THC - 3 Flutes Thread Milling Cutter HRc ~50  

Endmills for various work materials, hardened steel, pre-hardened steel, tool steel and cast iron.
JCRO coating provides wear resistance improvement as well as avoid edge stress in various applications.
Minimize edge chipping and fracturing by applying straight flutes design which is appropriate to screw groove cutting.
Various shapes and length provides optimum efficiency.
Part Number Diameter DEffective length L2Overall length LShank dia d Price
MTI-3THC.005.7025M.008 0.57 2.5404 ask a quote
MTI-3THC.006.5028M.009 0.65 2.8404 ask a quote
MTI-3THC.007.030.M01 0.7 3404 ask a quote
MTI-3THC.009.036M.012 0.9 3.6404 ask a quote
MTI-3THC.010.5045M.014 1.05 4.5404 ask a quote
MTI-3THC.012.050M.016 1.2 5404 ask a quote