4RCUE - 4 Flutes High Speed Corner Radius Cutter for Heavy Cuts HRc ~52  

Endmills for various work materials(~HRc52), pre-hardened
steel, carbon steel, mold steel.
Good wear resistance by high quality Si-based PVD coating.
Designed for low speed with high feed condition.
Suitable for heavy duty and roughing application.
Minimize fracturing at high feed by high TRS ultra fine WC grade.
Part Number Diameter DLength of cut L1Effective length L2Overall length LShank dia d Price
MTI-4RCUE.010.002.025 1 X R0.2 0.752.5504 ask a quote
MTI-4RCUE.015.005.040 1.5 X R0.5 1.24504 ask a quote
MTI-4RCUE.020.005.060 2 X R0.5 1.56506 ask a quote
MTI-4RCUE.030.005.080 3 X R0.5 2.38506 ask a quote
MTI-4RCUE.040.005.120 4 X R0.5 312606 ask a quote
MTI-4RCUE.040.005.160 4 X R0.5 316606 ask a quote
MTI-4RCUE.040.010.120 4 X R1 312606 ask a quote
MTI-4RCUE.040.010.160 4 X R1 316606 ask a quote
MTI-4RCUE.050.005.150 5 X R0.5 415606 ask a quote
MTI-4RCUE.050.010.150 5 X R1 415606 ask a quote
MTI-4RCUE.060.005.150 6 X R0.5 4.515606 ask a quote
MTI-4RCUE.060.005.250 6 X R0.5 4.525806 ask a quote
MTI-4RCUE.060.010.150 6 X R1 4.515606 ask a quote
MTI-4RCUE.060.010.250 6 X R1 4.525806 ask a quote
MTI-4RCUE.060.015.150 6 X R1.5 4.515606 ask a quote
MTI-4RCUE.060.015.250 6 X R1.5 4.525806 ask a quote
MTI-4RCUE.080.005.200 8 X R0.5 620608 ask a quote
MTI-4RCUE.080.005.300 8 X R0.5 630908 ask a quote
MTI-4RCUE.080.010.200 8 X R1 620608 ask a quote
MTI-4RCUE.080.010.300 8 X R1 630908 ask a quote
MTI-4RCUE.080.020.200 8 X R2 620608 ask a quote
MTI-4RCUE.080.020.300 8 X R2 630908 ask a quote
Part Number Diameter DLength of cut L1Effective length L2Overall length LShank dia d Price
MTI-4RCUE.100.005.250 10 X R0.5 7.5257010 ask a quote
MTI-4RCUE.100.005.400 10 X R0.5 7.54010010 ask a quote
MTI-4RCUE.100.010.250 10 X R1 7.5257010 ask a quote
MTI-4RCUE.100.010.400 10 X R1 7.54010010 ask a quote
MTI-4RCUE.100.020.250 10 X R2 7.5257010 ask a quote
MTI-4RCUE.100.020.400 10 X R2 7.54010010 ask a quote
MTI-4RCUE.120.005.300 12 X R0.5 9308012 ask a quote
MTI-4RCUE.120.005.400 12 X R0.5 94010012 ask a quote
MTI-4RCUE.120.010.300 12 X R1 9308012 ask a quote
MTI-4RCUE.120.010.400 12 X R1 94010012 ask a quote
MTI-4RCUE.120.020.300 12 X R2 9308012 ask a quote
MTI-4RCUE.120.020.400 12 X R2 94010012 ask a quote
MTI-4RCUE.120.030.300 12 X R3 9308012 ask a quote