4ROUG - Roughing End Mills HRc ~50  

Roughing Endmills for hard to cut materials, alloy steel,
SUS, Inconel and structural steel.
JCRO coating provides wear resistance improvement as well as
avoid edge stress in various applications.
Long tool life with low cutting force by 45 degree helix design.
Fine pitch shape design for high speed roughing application.
Part Number Diameter DLength of cut L1Overall length LShank dia d Price
MTI-4ROUG.090.220.S10 9 227010 ask a quote
MTI-4ROUG.100.150.070 10 157010 ask a quote
MTI-4ROUG.100.220.070 10 227010 ask a quote
MTI-4ROUG.100.300.080 10 308010 ask a quote
MTI-4ROUG.110.270.S12 11 278012 ask a quote
MTI-4ROUG.120.200.075 12 207512 ask a quote
MTI-4ROUG.120.260.080 12 268012 ask a quote
MTI-4ROUG.120.350.090 12 359012 ask a quote
MTI-4ROUG.160.320.090 16 329016 ask a quote
MTI-4ROUG.160.400.100 16 4010016 ask a quote
MTI-4ROUG.200.380.110 20 3811020 ask a quote
MTI-4ROUG.200.500.110 20 5011020 ask a quote