5RAV - 5 Flutes Roughing End Mills HRc ~50  

5-tooth roughing cutter with coolant holes
The special profile allows excellent results in materials that are difficult to mill and generate heat, Hastelloys's, stainless steel with chrome, titanium etc.
Part Number Diameter DLength of cut L1Overall length LShank dia d Price
MTI-5RAV.060.0130.S06 6 13586 ask a quote
MTI-5RAV.080.0190.S08 8 19658 ask a quote
MTI-5RAV.100.022.S10 10 227510 ask a quote
MTI-5RAV.100.037.S10 10 378310 ask a quote
MTI-5RAV.120.025.080 12 258012 ask a quote
MTI-5RAV.160.032.090 16 329016 ask a quote
MTI-5RAV.200.040.100 20 4010020 ask a quote