5SUR - 5 Flutes Corner Radius End Mills for SUS  

Alloy steel, SUS, Inconel, Mild Steels and various
hard-to-cut material for roughing
JCRO coating provides wear resistance improvement as well as
avoid edge stress in various applications.
45 helix Design for minimizing cutting resistance and long time process.
High speed and roughing work applicable by fine pitch flute.
Part Number Diameter DLength of cut L1Overall length LShank dia d Price
MTI-5SUR.140.005.S16 14 X R0.5 289016 ask a quote
MTI-5SUR.160.005.100 16 X R0.5 3210016 ask a quote
MTI-5SUR.160.005.110 16 X R0.5 4211016 ask a quote
MTI-5SUR.160.015.100 16 X R1.5 3210016 ask a quote
MTI-5SUR.160.015.110 16 X R1.5 4211016 ask a quote
MTI-5SUR.200.005.100 20 X R0.5 3810020 ask a quote
MTI-5SUR.200.005.110 20*R0.5 4511020 ask a quote
MTI-5SUR.200.020.100 20*R2 4510020 ask a quote
MTI-5SUR.200.020.110 20 X R2 4511020 ask a quote